Rachel Turner


Rachel Turner is currently the Family Life Pastor at St. Paul's, Hammersmith. She continues to consult, speak at conferences and run training days for parents, children and youth workers around the UK and Europe. Her work has brought her into contact with thousands of children and families through mainstream New Wine summer events, parish weekends, schools, and daily encounters in her own church. Rachel is the author of Parenting Children for a Life of Faith (2010), Parenting Children for a Life of Purpose (2014), and Parenting Children for a Life of Confidence (2015).

Rachel is passionate about children rooting themselves in God, experiencing and pursuing relationship with Him daily, growing in the Word, and living and ministering in the power of the Spirit. She adores children's leaders, and longs to encourage, support, inspire, train, and resource them to do what God has called them to do where they are. She feels it is essential to connect them to each other for mentoring, strengthening, joy, and support. Rachel also loves investing in and equipping parents and carers in their role as the primary spiritual influencers in their children's lives. She wants to help churches partner with parents to empower faith at home, and as a family in church.

Rachel Turner


04/09/15 - NEW RESOURCES! Check out the new resources area with seminars, sermons, curriculum and more!

14/3/15 - I'm pleased to announce that I have signed the contract and am now working on a book for parents to read with children called "Comfort in the Darkness". It will be a book of biblical stories and truths all about night, darkness and dreams. Sleep, dreams and the night have become a regular and consistent concern for parents regarding their children. Children can be afraid of the dark, have nightmares and night terrors, sleepwalk, or have insomnia. Every parent's nighttime routine is different, but the same questions and worries arise. How do we deal with our children's concerns and fears? How do we help them draw close to God at night, instead of pull away? What should we do spiritually at bedtime?

16/2/15 - Parenting Children for a Life of Confidence has officially been submitted! It will be released in October of 2015! This book has taken a year and a half to write, and I'm very excited to have it finally out.

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