Parenting Children for a Life of Faith Omnibus

This book provides inspiration and wisdom for nurturing children into the reality of God's presence and love, equipping them to access him themselves and encouraging them to grow in a two-way relationship with him that will last a lifetime. Collecting all book titles previously published as Parenting Children for a Life of Faith, Parenting Children for a Life of Purpose, and Parenting Children for a Life of Confidence.

It Takes a Church to Raise a Parent

This book explores how church leaders and children and youth specialists can proactively wrap around parents, carers and grandparents to support them as they disciple their children.  This is a highly practical book exploring how leaders can create an equipping and encouraging culture that gives parents and carers the vision, skills and support they need to be effective in their children's spiritual lives. 

Parenting as a Church Leader

When our job is to lead within a ministry context, how does it affect our own family dynamics? How do we balance the many hats we wear? How do we live in a goldfish bowl and yet enable our children to flourish? Drawing on extensive research, this book builds a set of simple tools and approaches to help leaders and their families to flourish together.

Babies and Toddlers: Nurturing your child's spiritual life

Our children's early years are incredibly significant in shaping their mental, emotional and spiritual lives for the future, but how do we sow seeds of faith when they are so tiny?  A slimline book to encourage new parents in easy ways to help their babies and toddlers connect with God.

Comfort in Uncertain Times

Uncertainty and change can be hard, and even more so for a child. Feelings of confusion, powerlessness and insecurity may be overwhelming. Scripture is full of people just like our children who had to cope with uncertainty and transition and flourished as they saw God’s hand and presence within it all. Designed as a series of stories and discussions for families, this book lays a Biblical foundation for who God is in uncertain times and how to stay connected to Him.

Comfort in the Darkness

Sleep, dreams and the night can be mysterious and sometimes troubling. Children can be afraid of the dark, have nightmares and night terrors, sleepwalk, or have insomnia. How do we deal with their concerns and fears and help them to draw close to God at night? This collection of Bible story retellings exploring God's character and promises will enable parents to help children grow in peace, confidence and understanding of who God is.

Parenting Teens for a Life of Faith

Helping teens on their journey of faith can be one of the most significant parts of parenting in this season.  This book encourages parents and carers that they are still the main spiritual influence in their teen's life, and gives practical skills and understanding of how to walk alongside their teen's spiritual life well. 

Parenting Children for a Life of Purpose

Each one of us is called to be purposeful, including our children.  As parents and carers, we can help our children feel purposeful every day and encourage them as they grow to follow God's call on their lives.  This practical book discusses how to ensure our children feel the power God has given them, and discover how they can impact other's lives for good. Now for purchase as part of the Parenting Children for a Life of Faith Omnibus Version.

Parenting Children for a Life of Confidence

If children can feel confident, they will be able to resiliently face their everyday life with strength and joy.  God has a design for how our children can grow an unshakable confidence, and it doesn't look like the formula the world declares is right.  This book explores how we as parents, carers and extended families can help our children be rooted in true confidence that will last a lifetime. Now for purchase as part of the Parenting Children for a Life of Faith Omnibus Version.


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